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Kappet Wind Farm
Terpan Wind Farm
ViSu Wind Farm
Prefeasibility Study of RADRIKA Wind Farm
Preliminary Assessment on Wind Power Potential in Vjosa Watershed
Natural Potential of Renewable Energies: Wind and Solar Power
Assessment on the Solar Power Potential in Albania
Regional Energy Planning for Albania and North Western Greece
Assessment of Power Generation Potential of Selected Albanian Rivers
Assessment of the Population at Risk and Loss of Life Due to Dam Failure in Drini River Cascade
World Bank Project Dam Safety:  Assessment of PMP (Probable Maximum Precipitation) and PMF (Probable Maximum Flood) in Drini River Watershed
Environmental Impact Assessments
ESIA on Curraj River Catchment Hydroelectric Projects
Lake Ohrid Conservation (Albania/FYR Macedonia)
Ashta HPP: Heavy Metals Analysis and Granulometry Assessment
EU Project Consolidation of the Environmental Monitoring System in Albania
Climatic Atlas of Albania
Natural Resources of Albania
Shallow Geophysical Survey, Oil Export Pipeline, Offshore
Hydrometeorology and Bathymetric Surveys in Porto-Romano Bay
Geodetic and Bathymetric Surveys in the Shengjin Bay
Regime of Lezha’s Drini River
Bratila Hydropower : Climatic and Hydrological Regime of Devolli Watershed
Integrated River Basin and Coastal Zone Management System (Montenegro Coastal Area and Bojana River Catchment) etc
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