Alb-Met is an Albanian consultancy association, founded in 2006 with the aim to contribute to a
better and sustainable future for the local and world community (Alb-Met presentation in pdf).
Alb-Met’s business philosophy is centered on the principle that business success depends on fair
dealings. In the view of Alb-Met’s partners, life is too short and the world too small to tolerate
aggression in business. In their words “Everyone wins, when everyone wins.”
In addition to integrity in its day-to-day business, Alb-Met pursues excellence in every aspect of its
operations. In the complex business in which it is involved, the company applies the highest
standards, develops cutting edge solutions and combines them with tried and tested technologies to
achieve an optimal result.
Alb-Met plans all aspects of our clients' projects, conducting feasibility studies and impact analysis
covering technical, logistical, environmental and financial considerations.
And we enable our clients' complex programmes, delivering one-off projects and managing
processes to reduce timescales, cost and disruption.
From the outset of a project, we help develop the initial concept and provide front end engineering
designs and regulatory advice
We take good care of the safety and environmental matters, as well as the commissioning of the
We manage the long-term operations, including specialist support services, waste management and
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